Total Risk VS Zero Risk


Since 1896, the stock market has plummeted by 35-65%, three times in every thirty-year period. This financial devastation has destroyed family wealth and businesses with longer recovery periods each time these unforeseen events occur. Most people recall 9-11 as well as the 56% loss of wealth in 2008. Although the banks always survive; all demographics of people and businesses suffer and many have never recovered. We educate our clients about indexed products that grow massive amounts of money through the compound interest that are 100% tax-free and are not tied to the market. Technically these indexed products have what is called a zero dollar floor and therefore: our clients never lose a penny of their money no matter what happens to the markets or the economy. Even better, these indexed products, do not have any fees, any penalties for taking your money out and every single dollar is tax-free. Children under 20; and starting at 15 days old can easily accumulate $750,000 to $1,400,000 in tax-free cash by age 65-80, and you will wonder why no one ever educated you about this before. The truth is that the mega-rich (2-3% of Americans) have been using these products for well over 130 years and people always complain that these rich people never pay taxes. On the contrary, they pay taxes in tens, hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars; but they actually have far more money than that, and continue growing generational wealth for their children's children in tax-free products. Today is the best day to see our 2-3 minute educational cartoons under our resources tab and then reach out to us to learn about how you can easily accomplish this for you and your kids. We look forward to your favorable response!