What are they? Who needs them? How do they work?

Is there really value for me, my kids, and my extended family?


Living Benefits is a 21st Century kind of coverage that pays you while you are still living instead of after death. This affordable product is the Smartphone version of your grandparent's coverage which only paid a death benefit. Acquiring living benefits now is being in the “right place at the right time” and that is why we will help educate you. In the US, 900,000 people a year declare Bankruptcy because of medical bill debt, caused primarily by heart attacks/ strokes/ car accidents & cancer.


Who needs this education?


The answer is, all of us, but especially your kids, and as soon as possible! A Health Insurance policy will pay some of your medical bills; but there are things you never expect like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, car accidents, cognitive impairment plus other terminal Illnesses like ALS, organ failure, aorta graft surgery, aplastic anemia, blindness, cystic fibrosis, end-stage renal failure, heart valve replacement, organ transplant, motor neuron disease, sudden cardiac arrest, coma, paralysis, severe burns, and traumatic brain injury. These are called Terminal Illness, Chronic Illness, Critical Illness and Critical injury's and no one ever expects them to happen, nor are most people prepared. Living benefits are paid immediately by check or direct deposit to the policyholder and typically in amounts of $25,000 to $400,000. 85% of people diagnosed with cancer spend their entire life savings within 14 months We will work with you by phone, in person, by Zoom, or in one of our free money workshops. Our commitment to education is designed to protect your family and your finances!