About the Scholarship Program




Think of Tuition Reward Points as Higher Education Frequent Flyer Miles. As a client of a participating Insurance Professional, you will automatically receive 500 Reward Points ($500 value) for completing your enrollment at www.tuitionrewards.com. And, each student whom you enroll will also receive 500 Reward Points ($500 value). Each point is worth $1.00 in scholarship discounts from member colleges.




Each client is awarded semi-annual points based on either eligible assets under management with participating professionals or from purchases of eligible products for as little as a dollar a day. There are over 400 colleges to choose from with more schools added every month!




A: Yes. Grandparents, aunts, uncles or other family members can be account holders.
A: No. A college's normal admissions standards apply.
A: Yes! Participating colleges may use Tuition Rewards as part of, or separate from, their normal financial aid packages. Tuition Rewards represent the minimum scholarship that a member school will offer.
A: More colleges are being added monthly. Your favorite may be on the list by the time you select a school. Start earning your Tuition Rewards now!
A: No. Reward Points are an extra benefit for being a valued customer. Similar to frequent flyer miles, Reward Points are redeemable in the form of tuition discounts, not cash.
A: Private colleges are a "better buy" than families realize. A UCLA study showed that the 4-year graduation rate from private universities is 67%; from public universities, it's only 28%!
A: The "catch" is that our private colleges & universities are looking to recruit more or better students. This program helps member colleges reach their enrollment goals - and you to reach yours!